Investment Advice

We help you define your Investment requirements, define your needs and choose an Investment to secure your financial future.

At Corless and associates we will build a plan which addresses your personal financial situation and aims to help you achieve your financial objectives. Your plan will be custom built to suit your needs.

When deciding on how to invest your funds, we need to have an understanding of the following factors before making a decision:

  1. Reasons for investing
  2. Length of time you want to invest
  3. Your attitude to risk

With Corless and Associates you will have access to the full range of financial services products. With our expertise we constantly work on developing new and innovative products and funds to add value to our clients.

The range of options open to investors include:

  1. Deposit Products
  2. Guaranteed Bonds
  3. Regular savings
  4. Tracker Bonds
  5. Unit Linked Bonds
  6. With Profit Bonds